O Dj responde - Francesca Lombardo

Francesca Lombardo não é uma Dj vulgar. Além de ser a primeira Dj feminina que temos o prazer de entrevistar, Francesca tem cultivado o seu próprio som, que é uma representação da sua musicalidade multi-disciplina e que transcende a pista de dança. Música que se ouve, que se sente e que se vive, através de uma narrativa emocional de paisagens sonoras, melodias agitadas, ritmos hipnóticos e sons vocais inesquecíveis. Não há dúvida que quando se fazem as coisas com paixão as mesmas tornam-se insuperáveis e Francesca é um desses casos. Foi após o set no Brunch Electronik que tivemos a oportunidade de falar um pouco com ele. Nós perguntámos e a Dj respondeu.

- What is like for you to be a DJ and how do you describe that word?

I see it as a..i feel like i’m lucky you know to have been able to becoming a DJ, since it was just for fun at the beginning. It’s a fun thing to do and when it becomes a job it’s a state of life u know, cause it changes everything in your life, you work around your gigs and you know you have to digg to find your music and your style like you know when in search of music and also when you play. Dj is not only putting records on, its also being able to choose the right music and to be able to play different times, different types of sets, like today, it was a warm up more than a set so i was a little more “housy”. Dj is make people happy with your music with your style and with your taste ..that’s what its being a DJ.

- What was your reaction when you were invited to be apart of the Lisbon Electronik Brunch. What do you think of this concept?

I’ve done a few of them already, i’ve done montreal when it was piknic, i’ve done barcelona, like a month ago, i’ve done dubai, i really like the concept, i think its really nice to being able to put together music and kids and families and food and electronic music. I always think why this is happening now, its because electronic music is going on since the 80’s and all the people that have started it now have kids so this is amazing, to being able to start this. I was really happy to be invited because i knew, i know they all are amazing, it’s a very chilled and relaxed way of playing. It’s not only about the music but also about everything, the people, the food, the music…

- Playing outdoors and during the day it’s a lot different than playing at night in a club. What’s the mains difference and how did you prepared the set that you’re playing today?

I din’t prepared it. I think you just get the vibes of the place you know. It just comes out you know, that its not the right place to put like dark techno because you want people to be listening to voices, swallowing to sounds, since you are surrounded by nature you have to be a lot more versatile with your set and it’s nice to change and playing night, you can go hard you can go monotonic but i don’t think that when you’re playing outside you should be monotonic, you should be more interesting with your sets, more playful.

- What’s your opinion on the electronic music panorama globally?

I think it’s doing really well and i think the underground electronic music is growing a lot a massively. I can see that with the giggs that i do when i came back to places i think is now becoming very strong, it’s actually something strong, it’s just not a couple os dj’s playing there’s so many people involved. People are putting very nice events and images, VJ’s, DJ’s, a lot of life, electronic music live bands, so it’s growing very fast. I love it

- Imagine that you were invited to set the line-up of one of the Lisbon Electronik Brunch parties, who would you choose and why? 

Definitely Martin Buttrich, that is playing now. I think he’s an amazing dj/producer, probably one of my favorite producers. I would invite Mathew Jonson because i also like him as a producer and as an artist. I would invite Audion, i love his production and i love his set, when he plays as Audion .. i mean i love Matthew Dear too but i love the techno and i would invite Cassy for sure, i love her style. I would invite so many people!!! I probably would be warming up yeah, so i think these are a few of my favorites, but there are a lot more. I love the people that have been in the business for a while, like i love the old school sound, and how they develop that sound, i think it’s quite special the techno artists...yeah that’s it!