O Dj responde - Fairmont

Jake Fairley, mais conhecido na cena da música por Fairmont é um Dj e produtor de música eletrónica de Toronto, Canadá. Começou a sua carreira no início dos anos 2000 fazendo um techno infundido de rock e electro em nome próprio para editoras como a Kompakt, Sender e Dumb-Unit. No entanto, foi o seu hit de 2005 Gazebo, sob o pseudónimo Fairmont que o solidificou como um dos pesos pesados na cena underground a nível global. 

Atualmente, Fairmont tem andado mais ocupado que nunca. Dirige a produtora Beachcoma com os seus amigos Metope e Side Le Rock, onde remixam artistas como John Digweed entre outros. Ainda assim consegue encontrar tempo para as suas próprias produções. Em 2014 iniciou-se no "Djing", bem como a fazer os seus "live acts". Foi após o live no Brunch Electronik que tivemos hipótese de falar com ele. Nós perguntámos e o Dj respondeu.

- What is like for you to be a DJ and how do you describe that word?

Yeah good question. I did both..I played like today, I played live and i’m also djing…like i kinda do 50/50 and in fact..I think djing is really interesting because you’re kinda responsible to please everybody but at the same time you’re responsible to be true to yourself and be an artist..and this is the balance that everybody fights with. Specially once you’re living from gigs then it’’s like when you’re in your bedroom alone you’re a pure artist..but at some point you want to also make people happy and I think the big struggle for any dj must be the balance between keeping things interesting and keeping things fun and I like to think that i’m interesting and sometimes fun..maybe..

- What was your reaction when you were invited to be apart of the Lisbon Electronik Brunch. What do you think of this concept?

Well..actually I’ve a big history with Brunch and Piknic Electronik in general. I’ve played many times in Montreal, many times in Barcelona and i’ve played in Dubai. I feel like i’m part of the family actually. So now that it has been brought here, I feel like is very natural but also exciting at the same time and it has been interesting to see each version of Brunch and each version of Piknic as it developed…and for me, the most interesting thing I can say is that this is my favorite location of all of the Brunchs and Piknics. I think this is the most interesting location. 

- Playing outdoors and during the day it’s a lot different than playing at night in a club. What’s the mains difference and how did you prepared the set that you’re playing today?

Yeah it’s always interesting. The main thing is to make sure you’re here, because half the time you’re flying to arrive at afternoon location. I think the hardest part for me, because i like to make music that is a little bit dark.. during the day sometimes it doesn’t quite make sense, when the sun is out everything’s beautiful. Playing something that is a little bit darker or scarier something doesn't quite fit the context, so my biggest struggle, during the day, is the mood because I like dark moods but I also don’t want to make something that’s in contrast to what everybody’s feeling, so I always try to meet people half-way… and that’s what I do.

- What’s your opinion on the electronic music panorama globally?

It’s great that there are so many more people everyday interested in electronic music but on the other hand money historically is kinda poisonous, so the more money that’s added to a subculture the more it struggles to maintain its authenticity.

- Imagine that you were invited to set the line-up of one of the Lisbon Electronik Brunch parties, who would you choose and why? 

Uff… i would choose my friends man…and they would party!