O Dj responde - Jacques Greene

O nome de Philippe Aubin-Dionne pode não vos dizer nada, mas se falarmos de Jacques Greene, muitos de vocês já o reconhecem. O jovem e enigmático Dj e produtor de Montreal nos últimos três anos tem dado cartas no que diz respeito ao panorama da "house music", tornando o cenário da mesma mais progressivo e com ideias mais aprofundadas do que se pode fazer com este estilo. Além dos brilhantes lançamentos por si produzidos, tem colaborado em vários remixes de estilos diferentes que vão desde Jimmy Edgar a Tinashe, de The XX a Radiohead, entre muitos outros. No passado domingo esteve no Brunch Electronik Lisboa e respondeu às nossas questões.   

- What is like for you to be a DJ and how do you describe that word?

It’s a very weird job because I think for a lot of people, kinda including myself, a big part is about having fun and it’s hard to reconcile with the idea of a lot of the work that goes into it. It’s great, I wouldn't do anything else. I’m obsessed with music, I’ve been it all my life and I get to share it with people for a living…it’s good.

- What was your reaction when you were invited to be apart of the Lisbon Electronik Brunch. What do you think of this concept?

I love it. I’m so happy to be here. There’s a party back home, at Montreal, where i’m from, called Piknic Electronik and it has been one of my favorite things to go to while growing up. I’ve played there a bunch of times. I love outdoors weekend parties, it’s such a different thing from the dark caverness club, and it’s not quite a festival stage either, so it’s still kinda small, fun and welcoming…I really like it actually…it feels wholesome.

- Playing outdoors and during the day it’s a lot different than playing at night in a club. What’s the mains difference and how did you prepared the set that you’re playing today?

It’s entirely different…I think you go from and entirely diferente palette of sounds because, you know, when you’re in a dark club acid house makes sense but something like cold, detached music doesn’t makes sense here. You have to go to something like…I don’t know…make people feel good, enjoy the sun, you know?

- What’s your opinion on the electronic music panorama globally?

I wish there was even more exchange and variety of things. Like, I was touring in Asia a few months ago and it was amazing going out there but the scenes are still so young and there’s not that many people doing it and so I still think there’s so much room for extra voices to be heard. I think the more the better is everything in life, like, when you go to a city, the city is so much better when there is a variety of cultures and food, and I think the same would be true in music scenes and every music environment. That goes to not just cultures but also to genders. We need to see more girls on festivals line-ups and all that. I just want variety, I want everyone to be involved, you know?

- Imagine that you were invited to set the line-up of one of the Lisbon Electronik Brunch parties, who would you choose and why? 

Well, that’s a tough question. I mean, I’m pretty happy to be playing with Derrick May because obviously, historically and culturally he means a lot. I would not do what I do today if he didn’t do what he did many years ago, so I have to pay my respects... so he’d be definitely up there! I would love to play with Dj Harvey…because I feel he would be perfect for outside like this, I’d love to see him do this. I feel like he’d be perfect for something like this!